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Water barrels are the right way to keep down your tents. If you are in need

of more weight, give us a call and

let us know.


We will handle the heavy water barrels to make sure you don't have to bother with any of the heavy lifting.

Keeping your tents weighted down appropriately is a necessity. If you need to weigh down your tent with the engineers required amount of water, allow Crown's

& Curbs Inc. to provide you with the right amount of water.

Make sure your tent water supply is right

Get a water ballast for

your tent:


We provide water barrels for your weight requirement

- Professionally delivered

- 55 gallon drums

- 450 pounds when filled

Our water

ballasts are:

Though there are other types of ballasts, water ballasts are the most easy to manage. If you are interested in having a good ballast delivered that will provide the necessary weight, call Crown's & Curbs Inc. We get your delivery ready when you need it.

Choose water ballast for easy management